Metal Dinnerware Sets

Metal Dinnerware Sets
Dinnerware once bought is expected to last long for years. Different options are available for a range of tastes, needs and budgets. There are different alloys and metals used in the dinnerware as:
Stainless Steel is the least expensive of the other dinnerware options. It is a good choice for daily use, because it does not require polishing. This resists stains and of course germs as well. And is dishwasher safe.
Stainless steel is a combination of steel, chromium and nickel, and comes in the scale of 18/10, 18/8 and 18/0. The first number (18) describes the percentage of chromium in the metal alloy, while the second number is the amount of nickel. Searching for the
best quality of stainless steel flatware, one should opt for 18/10. This means
it contains the most chromium, which provides the strength, hardness, and stain resistance, as well as the most nickel, which provides a shiny finish.
Nickel Plated is an attractive, dull silver color. It requires polishing and researches have revealed that constant exposure to nickel can be harmful. Also retains its value and should not be used daily.
Sterling Silver is elegant silver, having soft and delicate shine. Made of at least 92.5% pure silver to be considered authentic and earn the “sterling silver” stamp. Copper is mixed to the alloy to provide extra strength.
However, it is resistant to staining and corrosion, but does tarnish and requires regular polishing. This is not dishwasher-safe and requires careful maintenance. It is more expensive than stainless steel. Costs as much as high quality stainless steel.
These should be done be cleaned by hand in warm soapy water and utensils should be dried immediately with a soft cloth. High quality silver polish and a soft cloth must be used to remove the tarnish.
Silver Plated is a metal alloy base electro-coated/plated with pure silver. The thickness of the silver coat determines the quality. The
silver-plating gets deteriorated with time. This also requires polishing.
Pewter is a lead-based metal and therefore dangerous. It should be used as a collectible only and should never around food.
Gold Plated has all the drawbacks of silver, that is it can chip or flake.
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